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Development and engineering data processing

Thanks to the experience and skills of our employees and freelancers, we can offer complete development services, engineering and structural calculations to our clients’ demands. Our development team consists of many experienced designers and calculation experts who work or used to work in the aerospace.

Prototype part production

MD3 RiderOne of the phases of development is creating models and prototype parts. Based on our clients’ engineering data or a complete development assignment, we are able to create prototype parts, models, moulds, jigs and parts approved by our clients and bring them to the mass-production stage.

TIG method welding

MD3 RiderWe specialize in metal parts production and TIG method welding. We weld constructional, high-alloy and stainless steels. We are capable of producing welded parts and jigs to our clients’ demands, ranging from simple parts to large, complicated units. We produce landing gears, engine mounts, control parts, fuselage tube frames and many other UL aircraft parts.

Small batch production

Oil BracketWe are able to produce and supply parts for UL aircraft to our clients’ demands. We offer many deferent parts compatible with many UL aircraft makers’ products, which makes them suitable as replacement or alternative parts of other makers’ products.

Sale of metal semi-products, standard and special UL aircraft parts

TubesWe sell metal materials, particularly special materials meant for UL aircraft production, such as tubes, metal sheets and steel sections. In addition, we offer bolts, pins, rivets, anchor nuts, turnbuckles and silent blocks. We also supply complete undercarriages, break systems, wheels, mufflers, radiators, control parts and engine mounts. For more details visit our online shop, or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is protected against spam, therefore you need to enable Java scrip.


ClassicWe offer consulting to and elaborate expert opinions for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from amateur aircraft builders to professional makers.
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