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MD3 Rider Aerospool CZ company was founded in 2002 as a czech branch of Aerospool s.r.o. Prievidza a successful slovakian producer of UL aircrafts and sailpalns . Aerospool CZ is primary a service organization to provide cooperation and material supply for air manufacture of home slovakian company. In 2003 we began to cooperate on development and production of UL aircraft MD3 (engineering design by Ing. Jaroslav Dostal) with italian company Flyitalia. Along with companies COMP-LET Senica, HPAI, MERLIN,TEST, Aeromec as a subcontractors and many more contractors supply with standart component unit we produced a first prototype MD3. A first test-flying of MD3 RIDER prototype was performated on 25.2.2004. Since April 2004 we started a first test series and on July 2004 was a first standart MD3 plane delivered to client. Along 2004 – 2005 was performed a complete breaking, exercise and flying tests. Until 28.2.2005 was made a 10 aircrafts at Aerospool CZ Company. Since 1.3.2005 was the manufacture assumed by Company GRYF Aircraft.


Alto Our company’s main production programme consists of producing and supplying components for WT9 DYNAMIC, produced by our mother company Aerospool Ltd Prievidza www.aerospool.sk and production of standard parts for UL aircraft, also on offer in our online shop. Since the beginning of 2007 we have been cooperating with Direct fly Ltd, for which we make parts and sub-assemblies for their UL low wing aircraft ALTO. For more information go to www.directfly.cz. Our company, along with ing Jaroslav Dostal’s team, are collaborating on the development of a new aircraft SHARK for COMP-LET Ltd Senica, making undercarriage parts, control parts and engine mount. For more details on Shark go to www.shark.aero . Apart from cooperation with our business partners, we have begun developing and building a brand new all-composite UL high wing aircraft Classic, which could complement the successful low wing aircraft Dynamic produced by our Slovakian mother company. .

Our Experience

Our main advantage is solid and quick solution of the problems from development to setting in operation. Prototype production of UL aircraft MD3 RIDER in Aerospool CZ taked from delivery of the first drawings to flying test approximately 9 months. Throughout a year we delivered another 9 aircrafts to our clients and performed complete aircraft excercise test .

Work shop

Firm domicile
Sídlo firmy Aerospool CZ Hlavní 1278
 687 25 Hluk
 Česká rep.

Find out on: Mapy.cz

IČO: 26276259
DIČ: CZ26276259

Tel.: +420 572 582 287
Fax: +420 572 582 288
Mobil: +420 602 749 316
E-mail: info@aerospool.cz

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